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Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity (WHO)

Health is being looked at from a range of aspects: family, society, environment, economy, culture, etc. This multitude of perspectives allow us to develop holistic and well-suited healthcare regimes.

As an empathetic companion who is like a family member, T-Matsuoka Care, with a team of “Private Doctors”, not only manages and takes care of your physical health, but also listens to your emotions, understands your needs and shares your life experiences.

That acts as the vehicle for T-Matsuoka Care to accompany You along your journey of holistic health improvement every
day, by reminding and giving You advice on your lifestyle and habits to bring about positive changes.

1. why you should have a Private Doctor?

The body is a complete “machine”, and needs to be regularly inspected and monitored. When even a single part malfunctions, the whole machine is bound to be affected.

  • Thanks to your Private Doctor, you have a reliable medical fulcrum that always takes care of your body and well manages your risk factors so they won’t start to interfere with your health and life.
  • Thanks to your Private Doctor, you can have peace of mind in emergency situations.
  • Thanks to your Private Doctor, you can rest assured with holistic and continuous healthcare solutions.

2. The principles of T-Matsuoka Care Private Doctor Services

The strength of T-Matsuoka Care’s professionally managed and conscientious team of Private Doctors is underpinned by the following four principles:

1. Holistic 

– The human body is a magical machine: Complete and unified

Not restricting themselves to a specific organ, condition or age group. Private Doctors at T-Matsuoka Care will get to work grasping your whole medical history and getting to grips with the links and connections in your body and the state of your health. They are particularly vigilant against even the smallest abnormalities to help You “communicate” with specialists and connect with the medical system if need be.

– Both physical and mental health

Your Private Doctor helps ensure that you’re holistically healthy, physically and mentally.

A manifestation of pain can come from stress or psychological phobia, and may lead to unpredictably severe consequences. To help you stay mentally healthy, T-Matsuoka Care’s Private Doctors will be there to listen to you without judgment, share their advice and develop the most suitable healing plan.

2. Continuous 

– When you’re healthy and when you’re sick

Your health is changing over the years. Private Doctors will accompany you at all times along that journey. They continuously monitor and update details about the state of your health at each specific milestone: When you’re still healthy, when you’re sick, when you’re undergoing treatment, during your regular health checkups and specialist visits, etc.

– Prevention is better than cure 

Thanks to such personal medical profile, Private Doctors will have the basis to continuously manage your health and plan its maintenance, and to promptly detect risk factors and advise on how to nip them in the bud starting with your lifestyle to prevent the onset of diseases.

3. Proactive 

Whether you remember it or not, the “proactive” principle will always be upheld by T-Matsuoka Care’s Dedicated Doctors.

  • Proactively remind You to maintain healthy living habits.
  • Proactively monitor Your medication use. Give prescriptions that are optimal to your condition, control your drug response and have in place adjustment plans to achieve maximum treatment efficacy.
  • Proactively monitor Your health status and concerns, share and analyze your family genealogies, living environment, social relationships, etc. to develop personalized medical solutions.
  • Proactively monitor and remind outpatient clients to adhere to the regimen agreed with specialists to achieve maximum treatment efficacy. Timely adjust the regimen appropriately to prevent complications.

4. Timely 

24/7 – Be right there when you need someone

Private Doctors are the first line of defense to help customers handle non-acute health problems at home, tailor solutions to each client and help minimize inpatient treatment at medical facilities.

In the face of a client’s emergency situation, severe abnormalities, etc., Private Doctors will always accompany them and be there to reassure them and promptly handle issues, minimizing serious complications thanks to an intimate understanding of the client’s medical profile.

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