Our Facilities

With a focus on enhancing customers’ experience, we have our clinic space designed and cared for in every detail to make sure that customers can feel comfortable despite their internal worries and insecurity about their health each time they visit T-Matsuoka Medical Center. Each specialized room has a private design to allow customers and doctors discuss customers’ health status in comfort.
Through some highlights typical of the “sunrise” country such as Mount Fuji, cherry blossoms in the lounge, corridors, imaging rooms, etc. T-Matsuoka Medical Center also conveys a part of Japanese dedicated service spirit which is hidden in such wordless design language.

Real-time image storage & transmission technology

T-Matsuoka Medical Center is equipped with a PACS system capable of transmitting live images with absolute image quality in real time, ensuring effective second opinion consultations with doctors in Japan. Thanks to this, doctors can order scanning and imaging notwithstanding the
geographical distance in special cases.

T-Matsuoka Medical Center phòng khám đa khoa chuẩn Nhật
The most State-of-the-art medical equipment from Japan

T-Matsuoka Medical Center harnesses the Synapse 3D software to provide comprehensive and detailed color imaging of body organs in 3D format, enabling doctors to accurately observe injuries. Along with that, the artificial intelligence in the software is also capable of identifying the smallest anomalies that are easily overlooked by human readers, thereby minimizing the possibility of errors in diagnosis and improving early detection of disease for effective

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Clinic space

Trang thiết bị tại T Matsouka hiện đại
T-Matsuoka Medical Center -  phòng khám đa khoa tiêu chuẩn Nhật

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