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More than a clinic with a variety of excellent specialties, T-Matsuoka Medical Center provides tailored services toward a wide range of customers.

Medical examinations are like ship maintenance after a lengthy sea voyage, according to the Japanese. Ningen Dock is a Comprehensive – In-depth – Detailed – Accurate – Effective health screening model that requires a combination of a team of experienced doctors and modern equipment such as MRI, CT, and endoscopy machines to achieve the goal of detecting cancer and hidden diseases in the body at an early stage, before symptoms appear. 


Globally, over 17.5 million people die from cardiovascular disorders each year, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). In Vietnam, according to research by the Cardiovascular Association, nowadays, up to 25% of the population suffers from cardiovascular disease and hypertension. For the above reasons, screening for cardiovascular disease is extremely necessary and is one of the leading measures to protect the health of yourself and your loved ones. 


Theo Hội Ung thư Việt Nam, bệnh ung thư đường tiêu hóa đang có xu hướng gia tăng với hơn 8.000 ca mắc mới mỗi năm, trong đó có gần 5.000 ca tử vong. Ung thư đường tiêu hoá (ung thư đại trực tràng, dạ dày, thực quản…) nằm trong số những loại ung thư phổ biến hàng đầu. Trong đó, theo một nghiên cứu tại TP.HCM, ung thư dạ dày chiếm 6,8% ở nam giới và 3,7% ở nữ giới, còn tỷ lệ ung thư đại trực tràng ở nam và nữ lần lượt là 13,5% và 9,7%.

Tuy nhiên, ung thư đường tiêu hóa hoàn toàn có thể điều trị hiệu quả nếu phát hiện sớm và có phương pháp can thiệp chính xác, kịp thời.


Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity (WHO)

Health is being looked at from a range of aspects: family, society, environment, economy, culture, etc. This multitude of perspectives allow us to develop holistic and well-suited healthcare regimes.

As an empathetic companion who is like a family member, T-Matsuoka Care, with a team of “Private Doctors”, not only manages and takes care of your physical health, but also listens to your emotions, understands your needs and shares your life experiences.

That acts as the vehicle for T-Matsuoka Care to accompany You along your journey of holistic health improvement every
day, by reminding and giving You advice on your lifestyle and habits to bring about positive changes.


In case of necessity, we support customers in completing procedures and sponsoring medical visas to connect customers for treatment at a suitable hospital within the network of general and specialized hospitals in Japan. T-Matsuoka hospitals supporting registration and receiving applications in Japan are all leading hospitals such as: Japan Ariake National Cancer Research Institute, National Cancer Research Center, Medical University Hospital Tokyo…


Strengths of T-Matsuoka


Official member of the Japan Ningen Dock Association (code 2292)

Examination records at T-Matsuoka are approved by hospitals in Japan for in-depth examinations or medical visas for treatment in Japan.


Highly professional and dedicated team

T-Matsuoka is proud to gather a professional council of Japanese experts and leading professors in Vietnam and a team of experienced and highly specialized medical doctors.

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Japanese standard process

The examination process meets strict standards with steps that go beyond the usual (meticulous, careful) to ensure that no injuries or abnormalities are missed and no abuse of indications. As the first unit to connect with the 3 leading CDHA Centers in Japan, all CDHA results when implementing the Ningen Dock Screening Package will be read by experts in Japan.

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Advanced medical equipment system

Modern facilities, synchronous equipment system of hardware and software, using advanced Al technology in diagnosis and early detection of diseases.

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The service is consulted and designed "tailor-made" by a team of expert doctors.

Diverse in-depth and general health check packages, individually designed according to customers' needs and health characteristics. 100% of Ningen Dock records are cross-checked with experts from 3 major Imaging Centers in Japan.


Omotenashi service quality

Omotenashi spirit in Japanese culture: Serving with all your heart and exceeding customer expectations. The comfortable space brings back a sense of relaxation and calmness to customers.

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Customer Feedback

Comments are the motivation for us to further improve the customer experience

I have never had a comprehensive examination that was so thorough. But the highest point is the kindness, thoughtfulness, and patience, from doctors and nurses to nursing staff, interpreters, and canteen staff. They instructed everything, told me in advance what I would do, and thoroughly explained the signs that were not normal, or were too normal for my age.


Mr. Le Quoc Vinh

Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Director of Le Media Group

Seriously, the process, quality, and service are all a bit better than in Tokyo. Vietnamese and Japanese doctors are both very considerate and have a very good style: always explain in advance what will be done, why do you need to do it, and what problems will there be?


Mr. Hoang Nam Tien

Former Chairman of FPT Software, FPT Telecom, FPT Group. Vice Chairman of School Council - FPT University

I am extremely satisfied with this thorough examination to have an accurate assessment of my health. Not subjective but also not confused or worried. That is the most correct attitude a person needs to proactively protect their health.


Ms. Nguyen Dan Le

MC, Actor

I want to thank the medical team and staff of T-Matsuoka Medical Center so much for their enthusiasm, thoughtfulness and kindness in giving my mother and me such a wonderful experience. .


Ms. Nguyen Huyen Trang (Mustard)

MC, Actor

My parents and I were able to meet directly with Dr. Matsuoka, one of the most famous doctors in Japan, to examine and read the results very carefully of each part of the body as well as indicate whether or not we need to adjust our diet. Periodically re-examine which parts and when. Having an examination in Vietnam is like being in Japan because all examination records will be synchronized with the system in Japan and are double checked with experts in Japan.


Ms. Nguyen Ha Linh

Entrepreneur, Founder of House Addiction group, Top 30 Under 30 Forbes

The people who took care of me were all very thoughtful, gentle and responsible. The technical machinery here is all modern Japanese equipment. The team of doctors is very professional, detailed and meticulous, the reception system is standard and friendly.


Mr. Nguyen Huy Hoang

Professor, Doctor, Academician, Poet

I signed up for a comprehensive inspection package for the whole family here. The two-day examination process is very thorough, down to every cell. I am impressed by the meticulousness, care and thoroughness, live up to the quality of a Japanese brand. The doctor's examination was very thorough, gentle, the clinic is full of leading experts in the field, so I felt very assured.


Diva My Linh


Like stepping into a 5-star hotel in terms of facilities and service quality. The doctors are dedicated, examine carefully, ask for details and give enthusiastic advice. The machines are very new and modern. Accompanying services such as F&B and lunch area also make me satisfied, feeling like I am receiving personalized care with VIP quality.


Mr. Vo Duy Nghia

Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of VGS Group

My parents visit Viet Nam occasionally, my friend recommended that this place is the top clinic in the city, so I brought them here to have their health check out. This is the most modern clinic I’ve ever seen, polite and well-trained staff. There are also free drinks made by automated machine, I love the kind treatment.


Tuyen Le

Supply Chain Manager

I was introduced to the Ningen Dock package here. At first, I thought it was expensive, but then I thought that it would be so much better if I spent money on my health, it would ease my mind and reassure me because chances of getting cancer are everywhere. After the examination, it's truly different from the annual health check I usually get, the Japanese standard quality is extremely excellent.


Thanh Ho

Customer Service Manager

The space is spacious and relaxing, especially with many good books. Waiting for a "meticulous" examination without feeling impatient at all. 10 points no exceptions for T-Matsuoka!


Manh Duy

Sales Director

Unfortunately got sick in Hanoi, found T-Matsuoka Medical Center, it’s a 5-star clinic, but charges are not expensive, very impressive experience with customer service desk. They . Ms. Giang guided me all the way from registration, doctor consultation to pharmacy.


Joni Lau

Product Manager

Great aesthetics, but more importantly very well-kept and hygienic facilities. Even given that it's a private clinic, it's still very much above par. Another standout is customer service - they really know how to make you feel comfortable and take a proactive approach. Overall, the atmosphere maintains professionalism while still allowing the patient space and welcomeness. Highly recommend.


Phuong Nguyen


Coming to T-Matsuoka was truly a wonderful experience for me. I no longer felt nervous when going to the doctor, but instead felt like a relaxing experience and when entering a clean environment with modern equipment. Great, enthusiastic welcome along with a team of highly specialized doctors. I will always choose T-Matsuoka as my first medical treatment destination.


Le Dieu Linh


I had the experience of seeing Dr. Ha about musculoskeletal issues when I had knee pain and had not been cured in many professional clinics. The doctor examined very thoroughly, advised gently and carefully, prescribed x-rays and tests for necessary items. In particular, Dr. Ha does not prescribe taking too much medicine, depending on pills, but advises me to combine appropriate exercises. Thank you very much Dr. Ha and the clinic.


Thuy Mai


Thank you for always centering your work on the patients, including providing support and advice on healthcare services. I feel this is a very trustworthy clinic and will come back here in the future


Nobuo Miyamoto

Marketing Director

Excellent services by Prof. PhD. N. L. Viet and staffs. Many thanks and Merry Xmas to everyone! From Ho Chi Minh city.


Kobe Kenchibi

Department Manager at a Japanese Import-Export Company

I had a Japanese interpreter during the consultation, which was very helpful. It's convenient to be able to make reservations in Japanese. I was given detailed instructions on how to use the medicine and precautions. If there is a chance, I would like to use the clinic’s services again.



Director of an Educational Company


Partners of T-Matsuoka Medical Center


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