Direct billing procedure

These are services might not be covered by most health insurance plans like:

  • Pre-existing and chronic conditions – i.e., any medical conditions which exist before the date of entry, including related, secondary or associated medical conditions.
  • Common examples include Hypertension, Diabetes, Hypercholesterolemia and other lipid disorders (except for benefits signed with insurance company)
  • Dental treatments that are not covered by dental policy
  • Dietary supplements, vitamins and minerals, dietician charges, herbal ointments.
  • Vaccinations, wellness check-up, travel advisory.
  • Any treatment received after the insurance expiry date as indicated on the card.
  • Fertility treatments – i.e., infertility and birth control diseases, hereditary medical conditions.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases testing and treatment.
  • Aesthetics treatment -i.e., Acne, Alopecia.
  • Psychiatric consultation and treatment.
  • Self-inflicted injuries – i.e., Alcohol or substance abuse.
  • Sleep apnea or other sleep disorders.
  • Treatment for refractive errors and vision defects.
  • Off-label prescriptions – i.e., prescription drugs for specific disorders such as autoimmune diseases.
  • Additional tests that is not relevant to doctor diagnosis.
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