Ningen Dock Physical Examinations

Just like a ship that needs annual maintenance after having navigated through harsh weather conditions during long voyages at sea, people should have regular health screenings to enable detection of abnormalities at a very early stage before the symptoms even show up. Physical examinations following Japanese renown Ningen Dock with 05 outstanding features:  Comprehensive – Thorough – In-Depth – Effective – Accurate

enable early detection of up to 500 syndromes, conditions, and disorders that may develop into a condition for which effective treatment and control methods are available (number of diseases according to FDA)

The final results will be consulted by a professional council of premier doctors from Japan and Vietnam, who will provide in-depth advice, recommend thorough examinations upon detection of any dangerous abnormal signs or hold multi-subspecialty consultations if cancer is suspected. Not only conducting examinations, we also accompany Customers throughout their health monitoring, as well as advise them on long-term proactive health care solutions and development of a scientific lifestyle to avoid all risks of diseases.

Ningen Dock is the Japanese QUINTESSENCE OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE and is being deployed with all sincerity for the health of Vietnamese people at T-Matsuoka Medical Center.

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