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Gastrointestinal cancer screening packages – Japanes standard – Colon (Anesthesia)

Gastrointestinal cancer screening packages – Japanes standard – Colon (Anesthesia)

Theo Hội Ung thư Việt Nam, bệnh ung thư đường tiêu hóa đang có xu hướng gia tăng với hơn 8.000 ca mắc mới mỗi năm, trong đó có gần 5.000 ca tử vong. Ung thư đường tiêu hoá (ung thư đại trực tràng, dạ dày, thực quản…) nằm trong số những loại ung thư phổ biến hàng đầu. Trong đó, theo một nghiên cứu tại TP.HCM, ung thư dạ dày chiếm 6,8% ở nam giới và 3,7% ở nữ giới, còn tỷ lệ ung thư đại trực tràng ở nam và nữ lần lượt là 13,5% và 9,7%.

Tuy nhiên, ung thư đường tiêu hóa hoàn toàn có thể điều trị hiệu quả nếu phát hiện sớm và có phương pháp can thiệp chính xác, kịp thời.

The secret to helping Japan lead in early diagnosis of gastrointestinal cancer?

Japan has the second highest rate of stomach cancer in the world, most cases are detected in the early stages, accounting for more than 60%. At this stage, the 5-year survival rate is 96% because the simpler the treatment, the higher the possibilities to recover. The 5-year survival rate of early-stage colon cancer in Japan is also up to 99.1% (according to Globocan 2020), higher than the US, Singapore and other developed countries. This shows that if you annually check your health, stomach cancer is way less scary and can be completely cured.

Who should be screened early?

Recommended age for screening endoscopy: Healthy people over 40 years old. Especially in high-risk groups, it is necessary to be screened earlier:

  • People whose family members have colorectal/stomach cancer;
  • People who often have an unhealthy lifestyle and diet: smoke, drink a lot of alcohol, eat a lot of fried/fried/grilled foods, and spicy foods;
  • People with factors that increase the risk of cancer: History of digestive diseases such as stomach/colorectal ulcers, gastroesophageal reflux, colitis, HP gastritis, colorectal polyps /stomach…

What are the suggested symptoms?

  • Bloody stools, change in bowel habits, vague abdominal pain, weight loss…
  • Unexplained weight loss, loss of appetite, bloating; Digestive disorders: diarrhea, constipation
  • Physical weakness, vomiting blood, bloody stools; Dull pain / cramping pain in the abdomen, below the navel…
  • However, symptoms often only appear when the cancer is at a late stage. To be able to detect gastrointestinal cancer early, everyone needs to be proactively screened by endoscopy since there are no clinical symptoms.

Japanese endoscopy standards at T-Matsuoka?

  • Applying Japanese technologies and processes, T-Matsuoka Digestive Endoscopy Center performs endoscopy according to Japanese standards, providing effective and optimal diagnostic solutions for customer health.
  • Have a painless endoscopy of the entire digestive tract (esophagus, stomach, duodenum, colon) for at least 20 minutes, not including anesthesia time, so as not to miss any hidden positions or corners.
  • The number of stored photos is up to more than 100 photos of both the upper and lower digestive tract, to easily monitor annual health status as well as facilitate consultation with Japanese experts.
  • Modern scanning techniques and machinery technology ensure clear images, no vibrations, no bubbles or “wrinkles” hiding the damage.
  • A minimum 15-minute post-endoscopy consultation and conclusion session with an expert helps customers clearly understand their own digestive condition as well as plan to change habits, lifestyle, and medication use.
  • Consult directly with Japanese experts in Vietnam or online with experts in Japan with dangerous unusual suspicions.
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1. Clinical examination

1. Consultation with medical expert

2. Laboratory tests

1. Routine histopathological examination of fixed, transferred, molded, cut, stained... biopsy specimens (colon)

3. Functional exploration

1. Electrocardiogram (ECG)

2. Colonoscopy [with anesthesia]

4. Diagnostic imaging

1. General abdominal ultrasound

2. Chest X-ray [AP view]

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