Periodical health checks & Screening

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the top 10 causes of death were responsible for 55.4% of the 55.4 million global death count in 2019. These causes relate to three major themes: cardiovascular and respiratory issues and perinatal causes of death. These causes can also be categorized into three groups: infectious diseases, non-infectious diseases and trauma. There has also been a change in disease patterns in the last two decades, specifically an increase in the number of deaths caused by non-infectious diseases such as cancer and chronic diseases. Therefore, periodical health checks to screen and detect cancer and chronic diseases are crucial:

– To help early detect medical conditions: A wide range of fatal medical conditions (such as liver cancer and breast cancer) usually come with no specific symptoms in early stages, but they can be detected during periodical health checks for timely treatment.

– To prevent late-stage complications: A number of medical conditions, if not detected and treated promptly, can cause a host of serious complications

– To reduce spending: Detecting medical conditions early for suitable treatment regimes and management can hep reduce hospitalization costs

– To improve the life quality

At T-Matsuoka Medical Center, our team of passionate and experienced leading doctors from Japan and Vietnam with the support of advanced diagnosis and treatment technologies and equipment provide customers with health screening packages to detect chronic diseases and cancer from early stages; if such is the case, they will then given a well-suited treatment and management regimen to minimize complications, hospitalization and death, and above all improve the life quality.

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