Insurance policy

T – Matsuoka is a modern Japanese medical system brand in Vietnam invested and operated by Emergency Medical Services (EMS) – the leading prestigious medical group with a system of facilities spread throughout Japan.


With the desire to improve the quality of life of Vietnamese people by expanding and upgrading Vietnam’s medical infrastructure, helping people have a sense of regular health care and protection with the motto “Prevention is better than cure”. .

We are committed to providing customers with comprehensive health care and protection services according to Japan’s high quality standards.

T-Matsuoka serves customers with the dedication, responsibility and heart of each medical staff with the goal of developing the country’s health system on par with developed countries in the world through cooperation. Japanese partner support. We wish to contribute to improving the quality of medical services in the country so that people in need in all parts of the country have the opportunity to have access to quality health care and treatment. through a modern technology system to bring the best service experience.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) established the first “24-hour, 365-day emergency” center in 2013 in Kagoshima, in the city of Minami Kyushuu, Japan. EMS has developed widely throughout Japan, is a pioneering medical unit in the new era, with a system of modern equipment, application of advanced technology in diagnosis and treatment. EMS has brought the medical system of emergency and healthcare that is trusted and highly appreciated by the people and government of Japan.

Through its network of connections, EMS provides maximum support to customers so that they can use advanced treatment at the appropriate hospital in case of surgery. At the same time, EMS also provides a second opinion consultation service from a doctor if the customer wishes through EMS’ network system connecting with a highly specialized doctor in Japan.
Crystallizing the achievements of EMS, T-Matsuoka is the gateway to bring Japanese healthcare to Vietnam. Customers can access healthcare services according to Japanese medical standards, and easily connect directly with experts and doctors at leading Japanese hospitals.

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